Welcome to the Indy Card Exchange Kids Club! Our goal for the club is to engage and excite the next generation of sports card collectors by sharing information about the sports card hobby and sending them down the right path to collecting safely and responsibly! Here are the guidelines for the club:
  • It is FREE to join and you can register anytime throughout the year. Renewals for the next year will begin in December.
  • Kids 13 and under are eligible to sign-up.
  • Members receive a free monthly gift from Indy Card Exchange. Gifts must be picked up during that month. We cannot go back and award past months gifts if missed. Also, gifts cannot be shipped out. They must be picked up in person.
  • Members will also receive a birthday month gift!
  • We will do report card rewards twice a year (May/June & December/January). Any member who has all A's & B's or the equivalent of that on their end of semester (or latest report if not on semesters) report card will get a reward! The first reward of each year is in May/June.
  • There is an annual event for Kids Club members!
All NEW registration is now done online by filling out the information below. Please register each child you are signing up individually. You WILL NOT receive a confirmation email once you sign up. All you have to do is come pick up the membership cards from the shop!
*If you have already signed up for the previous year, you do not need to register again online. Just come into the shop and we will get you a new card for the current year. Online registration is only for NEW members.*
2024 Kids Club Event
The event is taking place on Sunday, August 11th from 3:30pm to 6pm at Victory Field. Registration is now open!
**For the first two fields (Name and Email), please put the Parent/Guardian's information**
Kid's Club Registration