Indy Card Exchange is an Official SGC Grading Submission Site.  What that means is you can submit cards to us for grading, we then send your cards along with other customers in a group order to SGC, and they then can be picked up back at our shop when they are completed and shipped back to us from SGC.  Customers choose to submit through us as it saves money on shipping and insurance versus sending them in yourself.
We only accept in-store submissions and cannot take mail-in submissions at this time due to demand.
If you are interested in submitting cards through the shop, please see our grading form below for the necessary information on available service levels, estimated turnaround times, cost per card, and what we ask of you the customer to agree to. Please print and complete your grading form(s) to the best of your ability before bringing your cards to the shop.
Orders are sent once every two weeks.  Please check out the events calendar to see when our next submission is being sent out. You will be contacted through email once your order has arrived at SGC and again when the order has been completed by SGC and has arrived back at the shop. If you have any additional questions on the grading process, please see the cover sheet of our grading form.
For more information on SGC the company, please visit their website HERE.
Grading Submission Card Review
Indy Card Exchange offers grading consultations and card prep for a fee of $2 per card (max 100 cards) and are done by appointment only. This review may include determining what cards are worth being sent in for grading based of value and condition, what grading service you will want to use, and of course reviewing the condition of each card you want to potentially submit. If you are interested in having your cards reviewed, please email us or send us a message through the "Contact Us" tab at the top right of the website to schedule a grading consultation. Please include about how many cards you plan on having us review so we know how much time we will need for the appointment. We will do our best to respond as soon as we can, but it may take 24-48 business hours during busy times. You do not have to have your cards reviewed by us to submit through us. This is just an optional service available to you.
Click here to download the most up to date Indy Card Exchange SGC Submission Sheet
Click here to download the most up to date Indy Card Exchange SGC Pokemon Submission Sheet