eBay Consignment
An alternative option to selling your cards or memorabilia to Indy Card Exchange is through eBay consignment.  We have been an eBay seller for many years and have a top-rated seller status with a positive feedback rating in the tens of thousands. Our eBay account ID is Dirt1025, and all auctions can be followed there. Here is more detailed information on the process:
  • Items will be listed within 3 weeks of submitting them for consignment unless otherwise notified.
  • You will receive an email once your items are listed and an email with your totals within a few days after ending.
  • Everything is run on 10-day auctions. We do not do any buy it now or best offer features.
  • Payouts occur 10 days after auctions end as long as it all has been paid for and confirmed delivered to the buyer.
  • For any items that go unpaid for by the buyer, you the seller have a choice to either relist the item to be run as an auction again, or take the
          item back in your possession.
We do require that any items that you may want us to sell have an average sale price of $15 or more.  Please download the form below to see our current consignment rates. If you have any other questions, please contact the shop.
If you do decide you want to consign with us, here are some preparation steps for turning in items for consignment to help us speed up the process:
·         Please take any graded cards out of protective sleeves.
·         Please make sure any raw cards are in clean soft sleeves/top loaders or one-touch magnetics.
·         If you are aware any card you are submitting has a major flaw, please note the issue on a post-it.