Autograph Authentication
For your autographed item to sell for full value on the open market, it has to be authenticated by a reputable company.  Indy Card Exchange is a Beckett Authentication Official Submission Shop which means we can submit items for customers to Beckett Authentication, one of the leaders in autograph authentication.  This means you can come to our shop and drop off your items, we then send your items along with other customers in a group order to Beckett, and they then can be picked up back at our shop when they are completed and shipped back to us from Beckett.  Customers choose to submit through us as it saves money on shipping and insurance versus sending them in yourself.
The cost per item varies depending on what person’s autograph you are trying to authenticate and what type of item the autograph(s) is on. You can check the price of what it would cost you for specific athletes here (add $5 to the price for shipping and insurance):
Autographed items that people usually submit for authentication are:
  • balls
  • helmets
  • jerseys
  • photos
  • trading cards (signed in-person)
  • magazines
  • books
  • posters
To find out when our next Beckett Authentication order is being submitted, please check out our events calendar.  If you have any additional questions on the authentication process, please contact the shop.