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Wednesday, April 24th
8:00pm - 8 Box 2019 Pre-NFL Draft Football Mixer Break - $45/Spot
-30 Spots (2 combo spots; the 4 teams that do not have a 1st round pick)
-Random Teams (randomized using
-Each spot purchased will get you one random NFL team on the eve of the NFL Draft. We will open all the boxes and everyone will see what autographs we get. Then you get to follow the NFL Draft the following three days with your team(s) that you got in the break and see if any of the cards we pull are going to you!
-1/2 case (6 boxes) of 2019 Panini Contenders Draft Picks Football
     -6 autographs per box
-2 boxes of 2019 Leaf Metal Draft Jumbo Football
     -9 autographs & 1 autographed slabbed 1/1 proof card per box
*Only autographs & numbered parallels are being sorted. The base and inserts from Contenders Draft will not be sorted out*
9:00pm - 2019 Bowman Jumbo Baseball 1/2 Case Break #2 - $50/Spot
-28 Spots (2 combo spots)
-Random Teams (randomized using
-1/2 Case (4 boxes) of 2019 Bowman Jumbo Baseball
     -3 autographs per box
*No paper base/prospects are being sorted. Only hits, parallels, & chrome will be sorted*
After The Breaks - Personal Box Breaks Available
-Interested in having us rip a box for you live? After the breaks are done we can open a box for you on our YouTube channel. Just ask what products are available and we'll let you know!