• chevron_rightWhat are online breaks?
    Exchanger Card Breaks will put together a "break", usually consisting of either a factory-sealed case(s), or multiple factory-sealed boxes from a given sport and product. Sports card fans then have the ability to buy into this break. The case or boxes are opened LIVE on Camera, and the video feed is streamed on our YouTube page (see “Where can I watch the breaks?” question), so you can watch the breaks in the comfort of your own home.  These breaks are not open for customers to come into our shop and watch.  The shop is closed during that time.  The break will have a designated start time, and as long as all the spots have been sold by that time, we will start the break.  After all the breaks for the night have been completed, we will upload full videos of the break as well as hit-recap videos of each break to our Youtube page in case anyone missed the break or wants to see what came out of the break again.
  • chevron_rightWhat types of breaks are available?
    There are a few different types of breaks that may occur.  Here they are:
    Random Team Break
    On a Random Team Break all teams are given a spot, for example in the NFL there are 32 teams, so for a NFL Random Team Break there would be 32 spots.  Sometime if particular teams do not have any “hits” in the product, we may combine two teams into one spot. Each spot purchased will equal one NFL Team. Once all 32 spots are filled you then randomize all 32 NFL teams as well as all 32 participants that entered the break. If you end up in spot #15 on the list and the coinciding team at #15 is the Detroit Lions you will have the Lions for that particular break. The benefits to a Random Break is there is a set price from spot 1 thru spot 32 and you may get the absolute “best” team for that product for the same price as a team that may not fair as well.
    Pick Your Team Break (PYT)
    For the Pick Your Team (PYT) Break there is a pre-determined price for each team involved within the break. For example, the Green Bay Packers might be $99 where the Atlanta Falcons could be $25, prices are based on the number of hits along with the big hit potential of the HOF’ers, Stars, and Rookies for that particular product. The benefits for a PYT Break is you get the team(s) you want, you don’t have to risk getting a team that does not appeal to you and you are able to still purchase the better teams for that product for a fraction of the cost of a case. This really comes into play on a higher end product, if a case costs $2500 and you can get one of the best teams for that case for $200 that is a considerable discount as opposed to taking on the whole case yourself. This also eliminates all of the clutter of getting teams or cards that are of no interest to you.
    Hit Draft Break
    On a Hit Draft Break if there are 20 cards in a case, you take all 20 participants and use the randomizer to set the draft order. Whomever is in the first position after the random will get to pick first out of the 20 cards that have been opened, with 2nd, 3rd, and so on picking in numerical order until the 20th and final pick. The attraction to this is you pay 1/20th of the cost for a chance at getting the top pick out of a particular case (generally high end).
    Divisional Break
    For a Divisional Break, all Divisions for that sport are included. You can do it random style or draft style both working the exact same as the before mentioned Random & Draft breaks. As you can imagine whichever Division you end up will get you ownership of all teams in that division for that break. The excitement and attraction is you can get a whole division for a fraction of the cost of a case increasing your chances at hauling in several hits from a high end break!
  • chevron_rightHow do we randomize teams/spots?
    Teams and spots are randomized using www.random.org, it is universally accepted site for true random results. The number of times randomized is determined by an on camera dice roll.
  • chevron_rightHow do I purchase a spot?
    All current available breaks will be on the “Schedule” page under our “Breaks” tab.  It will list a description of what we are breaking along with a price per spot.  There will be an “add to cart” button next to the break.  Click on that button and you will then be able to check out for your spot or multiple spots using PayPal or credit card.
  • chevron_rightWhere can I watch the breaks?
    All breaks will happen LIVE at https://www.youtube.com/c/exchangercardbreaks.  We usually log on about 15-30 minutes before our first schedule break. Please subscribe to our YouTube page and click on the notification icon to be notified when we go LIVE.
  • chevron_rightAre there recorded videos of the breaks?
    You can view full break videos and hit-recap videos of each break on our YouTube page which can be viewed HERE.
  • chevron_rightHow do I get my cards from the break?
    Cards from each break are available for pick-up the following day of the break at our shop Indy Card Exchange, 8519 Westfield Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46240.  For those who do not live in the Indianapolis area, we will ship your cards out within 24-48 hours of the break.
  • chevron_rightWhat if there are multiple players on a card? Who gets the card?
    Sometimes a card is pulled that contains multiple players from different teams.  In that case, we would go to the randomizer.  We take the name of the person who owns each teams spot and randomize the list a certain number of times based on a dice roll.  Whoever ends up on top of the list on the last random gets the card.
  • chevron_rightWhat if the player is in their college uniform?
    If we come across a card where the player is in their college uniform, it will go to the team the player currently is with.  If it is a retired player, like Michael Jordan, the card will go to the team that player is most associated with, which would be the Chicago Bulls for Jordan.
  • chevron_rightWhat happens if a break doesn’t sell out?
    From time to time, we are unable to get enough spots sold to fill a break.  Usually we stay online for 30 minutes to an hour past the scheduled start time to see if we can sell more spots, but if we are unsuccessful we would have to cancel the break at that point.  If that happens, anyone who purchased a spot(s) will receive a full refund through the method they made their payment.